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Which of the following, if true, provides evidence that most logically completes the argument below?

According to a widely held economic hypothesis, imposing strict environmental regulations reduces economic growth. This hypothesis is undermined by the fact that the states with the strictest environmental regulations also have the highest economic growth. This fact does not show that environmental regulations promote growth, however, since


Option A:

those states with the strictest environmental regulations invest the most in education and job training

Option B:

even those states that have only moderately strict environmental regulations have higher growth than those with the least-strict regulations

Option C:

many states that are experiencing reduced economic growth are considering weakening their environmental regulations

Option D:

after introducing stricter environmental regulations, many states experienced increased economic growth

Option E:

even those states with very weak environmental regulations have experienced at least some growth

Difficulty Level



Question type: Inference based question 

Summary of the argument: It is commonly thought that strict environmental regulations hamper the growth of the nation. However the same is not true because there might be other causes that promote economic growth.  

A) Correct Answer 

B) This doesn’t support the logic of the argument.  

C) Reducing economic growth doesn’t mean reduction of environmental regulations.  

D) This goes against the argument because the argument clearly states that environmental regulations do not promote growth.  

E) Not within the scope of the argument as we don’t have information about states with weak environmental regulations.  

Option Analysis

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