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Only seven people this century have been killed by the great white shark, the man-eater of the movies—less than those killed by bee stings.


Option A:

movies—less than those

Option B:

movies—fewer than have been

Option C:

movies, which is less than those

Option D:

movies, a number lower than the people

Option E:

movies, fewer than the ones

Difficulty Level



Option B is the correct answer.

Option Analysis

Concept tested: Comparison, Parallelism


A) Inappropriate usage of the word “less”. We are talking about the “number” of people and hence “less” cannot be used.

B) Correct Answer.

C) Same as A. Inappropriate usage of the word “which”

D) The phrase “A number lower…” is meaningless. “A number” cannot be “lower” than the people.

E) Not parallel. The non-underlined part of the sentence uses “…have been killed…” and hence the same construction must exist in the underlined portion as well.

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