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FastMart, a convenience store chain, is planning to add pancake syrup to the items it sells. FastMart stores do not have shelf space to stock more than one variety of syrup. Surveys of FastMart customers indicate that one-fourth of them prefer low-calorie syrup, while three-fourths prefer regular syrup. Since FastMart’s highest priority is to maximize sales, the obvious strategy for it is to stock regular syrup.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument?


Option A:

People buying pancake syrup at convenience stores, unlike those buying it at supermarkets, generally buy it only a few times.

Option B:

People who prefer low-calorie syrup generally use about the same amount of syrup on their pancakes as those who prefer regular syrup.

Option C:

Regular syrup does not sell for a higher price per unit than low-calorie syrup.

Option D:

In general, customers who prefer regular syrup will buy low-calorie syrup if regular is unavailable, but those who prefer low-calorie will not buy regular syrup.

Option E:

Sales of syrup are not expected to account for a large proportion of total dollar sales at the average FastMart store.

Difficulty Level



Option D is the correct answer.

Option Analysis

Question type: Weakens the argument

Summary of the argument: The argument says that since FastMart wants to add regular syrup to maximize sales. We will now have to weaken this argument.

A) We are not worried about the number of times people will buy the syrup. The worry is about whether people will buy it or not.

B) Same as A. We are not worried about the amount of sugar being used.

C) We are worried about the sales. Not about the price per unit.

D) Correct Answer

E) This is a generalized answer choice. We should be talking about specific types of syrup.

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